How To Post 2 Promote -The Best Way To Use Post 2 Promote

The best Post 2 Promote posts have 5 key elements and you should take a few minutes to get these together before making the post – even your free trial post!


  • Makes sure you have the best possible image.
  • Helps avoids typing errors if you have time to spell check before.
  • Makes reposting a lot easier.

The 5 key elements are…

1. Headline

Create a headline that either creates curiosity or demands a click.

2. Image

The image is vital as its what people see first.   We’ve all seen those “clickbait” images that have you clicking. Now you can get some of these for your own posts for far less than you imagine.   Either use the search box to the right to find some or view the selection below.

The search is actually for thumbnail images but just tell these providers what you want and they’ll do it for you.  Better still, show them images that you like so they can match the style for you.  

This image could also be a snapshot of a video you want them to watch.  It’s all so easy with Post 2 Promote.

3. Links

Once you have their attention then you need to include a link for them to follow to get to your website or offer.  

4. Text

Use the text as you want.  Personally, I wouldn’t use more than a few hundred words as the aim is to get users from your Post 2 Promote post to your website or offer!

5. Tags

Think of these as search terms that may help your post be found.  Nothing is guaranteed but worth trying. 

Note – Some forms also have a category to select. These help us send your post to the right area or correct site.


What if you don’t want it to last 30 days?  

The easiest solution for both you and me is to point your post to a special offer page and then simply change the offer to something else.  Or just a general promotion about your company or organisation.


What happens after you click the Create Post button?

Your post will first be held briefly in review.  This is to maintain the integrity of the network and help correct any simple mistakes you may have made.  Such as “oh no! I posted it to the wrong category!”   Simply click on the need help? link at the top of the page and let us know as soon as possible.

Once released from review, your post will appear at the top of the section you paid for.   Don’t panic, this will happen but please be patient as it my take 15 minutes or so to arrive.

Your post will be live for up to 30 days.

Links to your post will be posted to a network of over 20 social media sites.

On sports sites the post will gradually move down the page as new ones are added above it.