2. What Happens After You Post 2 Promote

Your post is actually posted and reposted 3 times to increase the impact of your post.

First be patient – Your post first goes through a few essential review tests to make sure it will maintain the integrity of the network.  

As soon as we are notified of a successful payment the checks will begin.  This is usually just a formality.

1. Posting on the page.

After about 30 or so minutes after your post is rel3eased from review, your post will appear on the page that you selected.  

It will be live for usually 30 days but may get pushed off of the visible parts of the page by other posts.

Posting to promote again will get you back to the top!

Since duplicate posts are not allowed you need to change the headline slightly for any second post.

2. Posting On 1PageLocal.com or 1PageNetwork.com.

Your post will be reposted on the home page of either 1pagelocal.com for sports teams or city sites and1pagenetwork.com for niche sites. 

3. Auto posted to over 20 social media sites.

Your post is also reposted on 20 plus social media sites.