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We are so confident that you’ll find Post2Promote very easy to use and provide a boost to your offer that we are offering you a free trial post.   

This is a genuine post with all the benefits including reposting on 20 social media sites.

Important – please read all the steps fully before you start step 1.   I would also advise everyone to follow the links in the menu above to read up how to do a post.   This offer is a one time offer for each person and I don’t want anyone to waste it!

Step 1 leads to step 2 and then step 3 – so only start it when you’re ready!

Step 1Click the button below to take the short survey. 

This asks you where you want your trial post to appear and asks what other pages we should add next to the 1 Page Network.

Step 2 – Unlock the Post2Promote form.

Choose an option to post to your own social media that you’re posting a free trial post on Post2Promote.  This helps others to use the free offer and helps us as well.

It also helps everyone as every single post helps promote the whole 1 Page Network which means that your posts reach more and more possible buyers!

Step 3 – Fill in the release form. 

This form will appear after you’ve submitted your free trial post and ask for some questions so we can find, verify and free your post from our review process.

This is important to prevent the offer from being abused and filling the sites up with annoying spam!