Welcome To Post 2 Promote

Post 2 Promote is the way you can cheaply and easily advertise anywhere on 1PageLocal.com and throughout the 1Pagenetwork.com.

1. Go to Post 2 Promote

Click the big yellow button, wherever you see it to be taken to Post 2 Promote.

You maybe taken to Post2promote.com or Post2promote.com/uk depending on where you click it.  The only difference is the currency that you’ll pay in.

2. Find where you want to post and click the button

Each button tells you where your post will appear.  Make sure its what you want before you proceed.

3. Posting to sports team page

Clicking the post button takes you to a page like this. 

It includes  summary of what you have chosen and the Post 2 Promote help buttons so you can get all the help you need before you post.

When you’re ready, scroll down and fil in the form.

4. Posting to a city page

There are two options when posting to a city page.

Posting to a main section – inserts your post under the heading for Events, Food & Drink, Special Offers etc.

Posting to the a local section is really targeted promotion as you can post to any of the local areas in that city.


Posting to a main section

Posting to a local section

5. Click and then pay

Click the relevant button and you’ll be taken to the payment page and prompted for payment via credit card. 

6. Fill in the form

Filling in the form is very easy.  

Before you post your first form please follow these three steps and click the following help sections.



It can take a while for your post to appear on the page.

It first enters review where it is checked to make sure the network is secure. 

Don’t panic as a lot is being done.  It will not only be posted to the page you selected but also reposted on 1PageLocal.com and distributed to 20 social media sites.